Mont Blanc Barrisol, the specialist in stretch ceilings in Haute-Savoie

Mont Blanc Barrisol, the specialist in stretch ceilings in Haute-Savoie

If you are looking for a quick and tailor-made way to install a ceiling, Mont Blanc Barrisol has the solution! Once the canvas is made, it only takes a day to install a stretch ceiling in a 50m² living room. Little dust, no odor or drying time, you have everything to gain! After 15 years in the hotel and restaurant industry, Fabrice Gomas joined the Mont Blanc Barrisol company in 2003. For 9 years, he sold and installed all kinds of stretch ceilings. Then he took over the company, making Mont Blanc Barrisol a key player in the building industry in Haute-Savoie. He works exclusively with the Barrisol factory, leader in stretch ceilings for 50 years. Thanks to their integrated design office, Barrisol constantly offers innovations.

The stretch ceiling is made from a PVC canvas. Made to measure, it becomes flexible and extensible under the effect of heat, thus making it possible to fit into fixings provided around the entire periphery of the room. Among its many advantages, it allows plumbing, insulation and electricity to pass over the ceiling, while being completely removable in the event of water damage or other interventions.

It is even possible to install lighting through the ceiling, for an overall light supply without shadows. "For a Spa located in the basement, we created the illusion of daylight thanks to a backlit printed canvas", explains Fabrice Gomas.

Stretch ceilings are particularly popular in wet areas, thanks to their waterproof and washable coating. It is also the best ally of the sub-slopes, with its fabrics created to measure in the factory, without adding weight to the frame.

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