Discreet colors for a highly concentrated office

Discreet colors for a highly concentrated office

The right colors

To support reflection, if you prefer concentrated and solitary work, opt for neutral colors: cream, beige, stone, gray, light brown ocher. If you like it, try purple or purple, which promote meditation and originality. These strong colors are very pleasant in small touches, on cushions or curtains, to enhance neutral walls. If it is joint work and meetings that you want to encourage, paint a wall or part of the room in yellow and add green plants in the corners: these colors, synonymous with the vitality of nature, energize the exchanges.

Shades to avoid

Refrain from opting for red, a hyperstimulant which can trigger mental hyperactivity or in any case hinder concentration. Excess brown - often present through wooden furniture and storage units - slows energy and hinders creativity. Photo: Duke 365 euros IT cube - Camif (Camif is now in compulsory liquidation)