Entrance doors: we dare to color!

Entrance doors: we dare to color!

The first impression is often the right one. In any case, that's what the saying goes! When a stranger shows up at your home, the first thing they see is your front door. And even if it remains material, a bad feeling immediately predisposes the exchange that will follow. Have you ever had this type of impression? If this door was a reflection of your way of being and living, then how would it be? Matte or brilliant, sober or detailed? Would it be flawless, or waiting to be stained? And most importantly, what would be the color that embodies it? Passing by every day, admit it, you had almost forgotten it. And if you take advantage of the summer sweetness to restore your porch its letters of nobility? To enter the front door, advertise the color!

© Gedeurfd In Belgium, Kristof and Linde's house is entirely covered with brightly colored wooden doors (geDEURfd project).

History of doors

© Lili's blogThe colorful doors of Dublin, 100% original! If you had the chance to travel from Dublin to Ireland, you may have noticed this peculiarity. There, no door is like that of its neighbor. And for good reason, each has a particular color! This gives the city a charm, and it is with pleasure that we imagine what life may look like in each of these houses. Various popular legends intersect on the origin of these colors. Some say that it would initially be benchmarks, the streets of Dublin being architecturally very similar. A sure-fire way to avoid going wrong on certain festive evenings! Others lean for the desire to stand out from the neighborhood with a touch of originality. Anyway, the result has its small effect! Why not take inspiration from it?

Light and contrast

© Metz / Solabaie White for clarity, gray for contrast. Your future-proof facade looks sad? To give it a boost, we do not hesitate to take out our brushes! Nothing like a white door to bring clarity to its storefront. On a gray or stone facade, this color remains the best option. By its power of reflection, it optimizes light perception and evokes purity. Conversely, if your walls are already very bright, we push the contrast to the bottom! For more character, we move towards dark colors like anthracite or indigo blue. Safe values, they will bring modernity to the front of the house. Timeless meanwhile, black also remains a possibility for its chic and distinguished side. Anyway, before choosing your final color, we do not hesitate to take into account the light at different times of the day. This sometimes avoids too great a gap between the idea and reality!

Of all the colors

© Amberwood / Pro Fermetures / Front Doors Are you more orange, yellow or purple looking for the original detail? What if you decided to see life in color? To boost its facade, there is today an infinite palette of achievable colors on the market. Okay, but what color should I set my sights on? What will people think of me through this color? Will I make a good impression? Do not panic. First of all, know that nothing is ever so sharp. Everyone's taste is different ! From these few notions of symbolism, here is what your door might say about you in terms of personality:

© Pinterest / Leszek Bareja / The Fox & She Green, blue or pink, what will be your choice? * Green door: You are in harmony with nature and the world around you! With you, we are true and authentic. Lime green, you are very dynamic. Conversely, sage green or forest green, you have a calm and thoughtful temperament. * Yellow door: Always in a good mood, you are a very positive person. For you, friendship is sacred. Your home is the joy of living embodied! * Purple door: You cultivate mystery! At first glance, nothing shows through, but basically you are showing very pure feelings. And it happens to be the Pantone color of the year, things are well done. * Blue door: You inspire purity, freshness and vitality. And maybe you have sea legs? * Red door: You are a lively, whole and spontaneous person. For you love is something vital. Your house is full of life and it shows! * Orange door: What positive energy! At home, it is a whirlwind of joy every day. * Pink door: Great romantic, you are sweet and sincere. You know how to express your emotions, and it is not given to everyone! * Brown door: You are a trusted person and love just causes. Passionate about travel, you also appreciate the stability of a home. You are attentive to your neighbor.

© The Maroon Door / State Mint / Jennie Filer Photography The variations are endless, it's up to you to reveal your artistic soul! Finally, for a more aesthetic rendering, we also think of taking into account the color of its shutters. Better to go on similar colors when possible. However, for a more daring effect, you can start with complementary colors. The whole thing is to arrive at a beautiful harmony, then it's up to you!

© TrybaCamaieu door and shutters, the security of an aesthetic choice.

In good and due form

© Renovation and Works The declaration of work, a compulsory administrative process! Small precision however! Before revealing your artistic soul, make sure you are aware of the standards in force. Indeed, some municipalities reserve the right to refuse colors (historic or protected area for example). In addition, you will need to make a Prior Declaration of Works : don't worry, it's just a document in which we briefly describe the project. The easiest way is to go to the town hall to have the process explained to you. And once the declaration is validated, it's up to you!

Getting started: painter's tips

© Expert Painting Before painting! That's it, you have now chosen your color. Now is the time to take action. How to go about it ? With a little organization, preparation and method, nothing rocket science! For example, for repaint a wooden door : * First of all, we remove the lock and the metal parts. * We take down the door on its hinges in order to place it horizontally on trestles. * We apply on both sides a chemical stripper that you rinse with clear water. * Then sand on both sides, remembering to dust off afterwards. * With the aid of re-brush , we start by passing the undercoat on the moldings and details. We then complete with a special paint roller in order to have a very clean rendering. From top to bottom, then spread out horizontally. * After drying, we finally move on to the final painting, finishing microporous . The application is identical to the undercoat, but this time in 2 stages, respecting the recommended interval. All you have to do is let it dry and then reassemble the door. For other types of materials (PVC, aluminum, etc.), we do not hesitate to seek advice in DIY stores. Each painting has its own painting! We think in particular to take into account environmental issues such as humidity, insects, etc. You now have all the keys in hand to give a facelift to your front door. So don't wait any longer to set the tone, take the leap!