Decorations on porcelain: the transat coffee service

Decorations on porcelain: the transat coffee service

Count 58 'for the cups and 50' for the saucers.


3 large cups of 7.5 cm in diameter 3 saucers of 14 cm in diameter 90 ° alcohol Grease pencil Fine paintbrush Brush-brush 12 pieces of foam Cutter Colors: Turquoise (20), Opaline green (24), Olivine (27) , Sapphire (18), Ming Blue (17), Malachite (26)


Three cups


Dust and degrease the cups with alcohol at 90 °.


Draw the location of the stripes on the three cups with a grease pencil. Take as a standard the width of a brush and check that the number of scratches just falls. For example, I can choose a brush with a width of 8 millimeters to obtain twenty-four stripes. Then cut your mosses with the cutter.


Paint the first cup in turquoise and olivine. Place the inside of the cup in your left hand, you will easily turn the object to be painted, and with your right hand with your brush, color one stripe in two in turquoise. Without letting go of the cup, grab a piece of foam and polish. Repeat the operation until the handle.


With the olivine shade, proceed in the same way. To paint under the handle, the delicate part, change your brush-brush for a fine brush, your gesture will be more precise. You will use a very fine foam to polish. If the two colors overlap a little, don't worry, it will harmonize well with the spirit of the pattern. Clean the cup if necessary with a Cotton Swab soaked in water. Sign with a thermosetting felt.


Paint the second cup in opaline green and sapphire, as you did for the previous cup.


It's the third cup's turn. Color it in the Ming blue and malachite shades as for the cup painted in turquoise and olivine.

Three saucers


Place the thirty stripes with a grease pencil on the edge of the saucers using your brush-brush as a standard.


Use the colors of each of the cups to paint the saucers. Place the first color with the paintbrush and polish. Paint the second shade on the same saucer and polish. Color the three saucers.


Clean the saucers with a damp cotton swab. Let dry twenty-four hours before cooking.


Cut a piece of foam slightly less than the width of the stripe to avoid overflowing when polishing.

20 decorations on Porcelain © Flammarion editions, 2003