3 decorative ideas for original gift wrap!

3 decorative ideas for original gift wrap!

What if Santa Claus also started decorating this year? Of course, the multitude of gifts he places at the foot of the tree is always a wonder for children. However, Santa Claus does not forget his aesthetic sense and it could be that this year, he will choose a theme for his gift papers! Here are three ideas he might have for handing out all the gift wrapping under the tree.

A natural theme

Santa Claus is green for sure! Aware of the state of degradation of the planet, Santa Claus could decline all his gift packages on natural and ecological themes. For this, he could use raffia, natural fiber easy to use in gift wrap. The linen thread is also a good option for wrapping packages as well as the Felt, sometimes adhesive. Some types of light corrugated cardboard exist and can be used as gift wrap that Santa can also decorate! And why not recycled paper sheets ?

A pop theme

The 70s are in vogue and Santa Claus knows it! He could then choose a pop theme for his gift packages! The colors are tangy and tonic as orange, pink, lemon yellow (see Eurodif) In terms of materials, tissue paper, tulle or even certain fabrics, to be found at the Saint-Pierre Market for example, can do the trick. Small LEDs (at Casa) can also brighten up a gift package! And to enclose it, shiny, gold, silver or glitter ribbons will bring the sparkle of pop years. Without forgetting some stickers tangy which can add colorful touches.

A baroque theme

Borrowed in the 16th and 17th and 17th century styles, and brought up to date with contemporary hues, the Baroque has been investing in decoration for several years. Santa Claus, very aware of the latest trends, knows that baroque is a shocking and glamorous theme. He could therefore also choose it as the theme for gift wrap! For the shapes, the arabesques are all indicated! In terms of colors, noble and chic colors such as red or purple, black or anthracite gray will create the style. Associated with gold or silver, the effect can be most brilliant! Santa's elves will not have a hard time finding baroque papers at the BHV or at Cultura for example.