Linoleum: a very decorative natural covering

Linoleum: a very decorative natural covering

Linoleum, not to be confused with PVC, is a high quality floor covering, easy to install and made from natural materials. Presentation of new possible versions of linoleum.

Linoleum: make way for trendy colors!

Like all traditional materials, since its origins, linoleum has managed to adapt to changing tastes in terms of architecture and decoration. Currently benefiting from the best technologies developed by research, it is a relevant response to equip all types of buildings and uses. As the company Tarkett, specialist in linoleum, specifies, "he sees himself very much in demand for his noble, authentic and perfectly timeless appearance which can be easily integrated into many premises". It is also appreciated for its robustness and ease of maintenance. We forget the sad lino that dresses the floor of hospitals, the 2010 version lino is top decoration! Completely in tune with current decorative trends, you will find a range of linens with remarkable chromatic variations. Tarkett thus offers endless aesthetic possibilities for creating coordinated spaces and personalized decorations. The 68 colors of its new Linosom range make it possible to play on all tables, with plain or marbled models, gourmet models in dominant red and orange, ultra-contemporary for more subdued atmospheres, modern in shades yellow or purple, zen with very bright whites…

At Forbo, the Marmoleum Click range is available in a wide palette of 21 colors that adapt to all types of furniture and materials of modern architecture. The possibilities of decorative combinations are endless, since the 21 colors, available in strips (90 x 30 cm) and slabs (30 x 30 cm) can all be coordinated. The range has soft colors in a neutral tone, bright colors to brighten up the interiors, fresh colors to soothe, light colors to enlarge the space… A palette of warm beige, deep browns, chocolates and also very acidulous tones (like yellow, green and raspberry) brighten up this collection and allow to create infinite effects.

How to lay the lino?

Be careful when laying linoleum! Real linoleum has nothing to do with PVC coverings or other low-end synthetic floors. Linoleum is a floor covering made from linseed oil, cork and wood powder, rosin, chalk and pigments, all attached to a burlap. It is therefore much more resistant, very rigid and difficult to cut. You can try to lay it yourself, but it is still advisable for the assurance of an impeccable result to call a professional. This is in particular what Tarkett recommends for the installation of these products. At Forbo, installing the Marmoleum Click is less difficult, thanks to a simple assembly system: just click the panels in place on the floor. The panels of Marmoleum Click are wide and leave no visible seal on the floor, once assembled, which gives a smooth finish. The installation is carried out without glue and the use of the part is immediate. Our good addresses Forbo: Tarkett: Domus Matériaux Verts: and Thermopal: Meister: www.meister. com