Give a Zen style to a kitchen for 350 euros

Give a Zen style to a kitchen for 350 euros

Cooking can sometimes become a source of stress, especially when you miss a recipe or have to swallow your coffee in fourth gear before starting a working day. So we forget that cooking is also a moment of relaxation and that taking your time to eat is essential. To calm the spirits and find good habits, nothing like a Zen style cuisine. With 350 euros, discover how to make your kitchen a space of serenity and tranquility.

A soothing atmosphere

To transform your kitchen into a Zen place, start by undoing before doing so. Store unnecessary items in your closets, strip your worktop and keep your walls bare so that your eyes are not disturbed. For your utensils, choose noble and natural materials like those of Reine Mère (wooden spoon at 12 € and Pondichery tray at 35 €). And because zen is also a lifestyle, why not invest in pots that are both beautiful and ecological like the Evergreen range from Aubecq (from 32 euros)?

Bring in nature

With the Zen style, we rediscover the simple pleasures, and in particular that of appreciating the beauty of nature. For this, you can for example equip yourself with a pot for aromatic plants like that of Royal VKB (around 30 €). It will bring you a refreshing corner of greenery while putting herbs for cooking at your fingertips. You can also choose to devote part of your work plan to a miniature Zen garden (€ 11.90 at La Chineuse) or install a green wall (from € 104 at E-citizen).

Household appliances that blend in with the decor

Even if you are a fan of Zen and skinning, there is no reason to sacrifice comfort. In home appliances, the Zen style is characterized by appliances with sober lines and no frills. The Styline range from Bosch in small household appliances offers a whole range of appliances ranging from the kettle (around € 56) to the multi-function robot (around € 68) which reflects this style. Sober and elegant, they are as aesthetic as practical.