Best Of ARTISANS: find your craftsman at auction!

Best Of ARTISANS: find your craftsman at auction!

We all have bad experiences in mind about work and embarking on a site is not always a peaceful process! To remedy this, Nils Tharandt-Ortiz imagined Best Of ARTISANS, a recently created site that links supply and demand, but the real novelty is the reverse auction system. We asked Audrey Labuxiere, marketing manager, to tell us a bit more about this brand new platform.

What is Best Of ARTISANS?

The principle of Best Of ARTISANS is very simple: following work that did not go very well, the creator of the site had the idea of ​​a platform connecting individuals who want to do work with professionals looking for a site. It's sort of the eBay of the works. Individuals describe their needs in a few words and artisans meet them by offering their fair price.

How does the Best Of ARTISANS site work exactly?

Individuals start by posting their project for free in three clicks, they can add as many details and documents as they want: plans, photos, etc. He can even, if he has an idea, specify his budget. Finally, he defines the duration of his auction. Then, it's up to the professionals to respond by responding to the ad with a personalized quote proposal. At the end of the auction, the individual chooses the craftsman. He is free to choose the cheapest, highest rated, the one with whom contact during the auction was the best ...

What are the advantages of such a platform compared to an online quote request?

The advantages are multiple: transparency, efficiency of use and attractive prices. Transparency because unlike quote sites where individuals submit their request for work and are reminded by artisans who they do not know how they were chosen (are they the best? Are they the cheapest? were the criteria for their selection?), on Best Of ARTISANS, individuals can see all the offers and responses from artisans in complete transparency. It is he who makes his selection - freely - according to his own criteria! Efficiency of use too, because you have to understand that in the case of quote sites, a quote request is sold to multiple artisans. This forces the individual to answer the same questions up to 5 times ... Source of frustrations, this process is just ineffective and wastes everyone's time! On Best Of ARTISANS, craftsmen and individuals communicate via a forum, the questions and answers are visible to all. Attractive prices finally, since on Best Of ARTISANS, the craftsmen see the prices proposed by their competitors, they therefore offer their best price to obtain your site.

How do you select the artisans of the platform?

All artisans can register on Best Of ARTISANS. However, you should know that we check the artisanal qualification of each artisan with the Chamber of Trades and Crafts and assign them the acronym "verified artisan": it is a real guarantee of quality! Then, at the end of each site, the individual gives a note to the craftsman, a good indicator of his level of satisfaction - the individual is also also noted by the craftsman. Best Of ARTISANS will thus become THE benchmark in terms of rating and selection of artisans. Thanks to Best Of ARTISANS, all users can benefit from word of mouth! bestofartisans.com