Natural swimming at affordable prices

Natural swimming at affordable prices

Natural swimming is a dream, but its price is generally very high. The Aquatiss company offers a 40% cheaper concept to make natural swimming accessible. Jean-Christophe Gérard, France manager, explains the principle to us.

How to summarize this concept of natural swimming at an affordable price?

We offer two natural swimming modules with 24 or 32 m² of bathing area and a lagoon of only 4 to 8 m², instead of one third of the surface usually. Its price is between 28,000 and 35,000 euros instead of 50 to 60,000 euros for an identical bathing area.

How do you manage to reduce the costs of these natural baths?

First of all, these are two pools with fixed dimensions and not made to measure. The structure is in autoclave wood, with a geomembrane with predefined dimensions. Then we use a Nexus filter, which works with kaldness, a filter material used in wastewater treatment plants. It offers a very efficient both mechanical and organic filtration, which reduces the lagoon area by almost 80%. The high price of natural swimming also comes from the installation. With our module concept, installation takes only two weeks instead of two months, which significantly reduces costs.

Is it nevertheless possible to personalize your natural swimming?

Yes, because if the dimensions of the swimming pool are unchangeable (4 x 6 m or 4 x 8 m), we can play with the lagoon area. This can be installed all around the pool or on one side only. It is also possible to bury an additional 20 to 30 cm in the swimming pool so that its contours are less visible and that it looks more like a basin than a swimming pool. Finally, you can personalize the decor by installing a pontoon, a hard coping or specific plants. But these are options, which then add to the price.

What is included in the price of these natural baths?

The price includes the entire structure of the pool, the filter, the technical room, the connections, the level sensor, the wooden coping and of course the installation. Excluding pozzolana (a volcanic stone) and filtering plants, which play a major role in the aesthetics of the basin. In fact, customers always want to personalize their lagoon area.

When is the best time to order a natural swim?

It is best to decide at the end of the summer. Thus, installers are more available than if you do it when the warm weather arrives. As for the best planting period, it is in the fall or early spring. To know more : www.aquatiss.net Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"