Video: lunch on the grass for a spring picnic

Video: lunch on the grass for a spring picnic

The sun is starting to point the tip of his nose ... Spring is coming. It is high time to enjoy the outdoors and have a picnic with friends or family. Editing gives you the keys to a successful picnic decor.

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video id = "0" / For a lunch on the grass, it is important to be comfortable and comfortable. So think of the cushion option! Of all sizes, of all colors, it will be the ideal asset for a successful decor. Color occupies a special place in a spring setting. Do not hesitate to insist on light and pop colors that will bring life and cheerfulness to your picnic. The little tip is to mix glasses of different sizes, shapes and colors for a very festive effect. It is not because we have lunch outside that we must necessarily eat with our fingers! So why not take the baroque housewife out of the drawers? You can have lunch on the grass and have style! Who says picnic says nature. So think useful by using bamboo plates and other cutlery. Biodegradable and natural, they are reusable and are also environmentally friendly. So why deprive yourself ? <>

Shopping :

To help you decorate your picnic, here are some shopping ideas. Cutlery - ALINEA - 16 euros Orchid - IKEA - 9.99 euros Plants - IKEA - 1.49 euros Bamboo plates - ALINEA - 4.90 euros for 4 Green stemmed glasses - ALINEA - 11.40 euros for 6 Butter knife - IKEA - 2.99 euros for the 4 bamboo verrines - ALINEA - 2.90 euros for the 6 Presentation platter - IKEA - 14.95 euros The editorial team would like to thank Eat Cute in particular for its very beautiful and delicious raspberry tart. Styling: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi