How to adapt your kitchen for children?

How to adapt your kitchen for children?

The kitchen is the heart of the house! We prepare meals there, we laugh by peeling the carrots and preparing cakes. We want to share these special moments with the children! To pass on family recipes - even yogurt cake matters! - and the taste of cooking. It is still necessary to adapt your kitchen for the little hands of children ... We tell you everything!

Adapting a kitchen for children: safety

The kitchen is the room in the house that poses the most dangers for children: burns, electrocution, intoxication ... It is important to make them aware of the different dangers but also to secure your kitchen as much as possible. Put yourself up to your children to visualize the space like them and thus identify possible dangers. If your oven is placed at the bottom of your kitchen and it does not have a cold door, you can install a protective grid to stick on the oven door. This will prevent your child from getting burned by touching the door when your oven is hot. You can also equip your hob with a protective rim to prevent the pots from falling. Be sure to always turn the handle of the pan inward and do not leave young children alone in the kitchen unattended. A door blocker to fix on the cupboards under the sink will prevent your child from catching household products. Keep household appliances out of the reach of small children. Pay attention to the cutlery drawers and move knives, scissors and other sharp objects if necessary. For babies, a scalable high chair is essential for sharing meals with the whole family, but often they take up a lot of space. If you have a small kitchen, there are table seats that attach to it, however, there is a weight limit. Otherwise you can opt for a booster seat that attaches to a chair with straps. When the child is older, a simple high chair allows the child to be at the right height for eating.

A step and children have access to the work plan!

Adapting a kitchen for children: cooking like mom and dad

Your child, until he is old enough to cook with you, will want to imitate you. If you have enough space in your kitchen, it may be fun for them to install a small kitchen for them. They will be able to play in the dinette and cook the food to cook like mom and dad. There are all kinds, wooden or plastic, at all prices. Ikea offers two versions of wooden mini kitchen. If you like DIY, you can even make one yourself! Up to 18 months, the little ones will be able to play in the dinette while you prepare the meals and you will thus be able to supervise them easily. Thereafter, they will certainly want to participate with you by cooking with you!

A small kitchen to be like the grown-ups!

Adapting a kitchen for children: Montessori learning

Montessori pedagogy consists in developing the child's autonomy, creativity and self-confidence. You can start at an early age at home. For example, place the plates and glasses at the height so that he can set the table alone. On an open shelf or a small cart, you can leave him with utensils, kitchen accessories with which he can have fun. Little ones like to transfer from one container to another. So offer him seeds, semolina, lentils, to pour in containers. As soon as the child can stand, you can install him in a learning tower, which you can make yourself from a simple wooden step.

Take the cloud as an example and make a learning tower for the little ones From 18 months old, provide them with a step so that they can cook with you and access the work plan, at sink, fridge or cupboards a little too high for them. The children are very curious and love to participate by cooking with you!