Before / After: a renovated kitchen with less than 10,000 euros

Before / After: a renovated kitchen with less than 10,000 euros

In this small studio and this living room, the owners' request was quite classic concerning the kitchen: to make the space more functional while being able to close it to be able to enjoy the living room in its own right. To do this, the architectural agency Les Murs ont des ears has designed two spaces in one including an optimized and convivial kitchen. And this, while respecting the allocated budget. Area: 4.5 m² in a two-room apartment of 32 m² Budget: € 9,800 including tax for the renovation of the kitchen and the creation of the workshop partition

Optimizing a small space

Before: The difficulty of the site lay in the small area of ​​the kitchen. This space is only 4.5 m² (160 x 265 cm) out of the 32 that make up the two rooms. But, the room benefits from a beautiful height under ceiling - 2.4 meters all the same - that the architect wanted to highlight.

After: The layout of the kitchen has been changed and the door has been moved in order to accommodate the fridge column on the right when entering the room. On the largest wall, a line of low furniture and tall storage units were attached to be able to store a maximum of dishes and utensils. The trick? Two spotlights are attached to the tall units to illuminate the worktop.

Better arrange the kitchen

Before: If the room was naturally bright thanks to the large window, the space was poorly arranged. The worktop was located under the window, which was not very practical to have cupboards and kitchen accessories close at hand.

After: To stick to the owners' desire to be able to close the kitchen, it was necessary to rethink the layout of the kitchen to make it more functional and open this space to the living room by creating a workshop partition. The work plan has been removed to clear the space.

On the dining side, a folding wall table provides an ideal dining area for breakfast.

A compact and functional kitchen

Before: The owners have renovated their entire apartment to bring it up to date and optimize it as a whole. Before installing the new kitchen, the architecture agency took care of the removal of materials, equipment and the partition between the kitchen and the living room.

After: The renovation of the kitchen cost 9,800 euros, of which 3,900 euros were allocated to supplies. The kitchen is a Darty model (Tarroco reference) with gray silk fronts. It consists of storage with stainless steel handles, a resin sink with mixer tap, a worktop with matching splashback. A false ceiling with recessed spotlights has been created to homogenize the lighting in the room. Electrical and plumbing work was also done to stick to the new kitchen layout.

The creation of a workshop partition

Before: The space was not closed but the passage from one space to another was not necessarily facilitated.

After: A workshop partition was installed to create a modern and practical semi-open kitchen. It consists of a sliding sliding door, to allow better circulation in the room, and a fixed. The door is fully glazed to give the illusion that the kitchen is always open to the living room.

To complete the illusion, we find the same coating on the living room side: oak laminated parquet from France signed Leroy Merlin. Finally, the walls were repainted in greige (Skimming Stone color at Farrow and Ball) to give a facelift to the space. For more information, visit the website of the architectural agency Les Murs ont des ears