Let's decorate the windows!

Let's decorate the windows!

In the house, the windows, sources of light, constantly captivate our eyes. In the street, the flowery openings fascinate. By personalizing our windows with curtains, blinds or window boxes, the windows accentuate and embellish the decorative style of the interior and exterior space.

Curtains and blinds dress the windows

Beyond their protective and obscuring role vis-à-vis the outside, curtains and blinds are subtle decorative accessories. The more summer approaches, the more desires for lightness and colors take hold of us. It is time to spread this summer fever on the glass parts, especially since the choice is extra wide. Blinds on silk taffeta to dim the light, colored fabric curtains to brighten up the room, light linen or cotton sheer curtains: to dress the windows, anything goes ... or almost. We align ourselves with the mild climate of spring by favoring blinds and curtains that do not clutter the visual field and daring to bright patterns and colors .

A flowery decor behind the tiles

From the living room and other rooms of the house, we are not the only ones to benefit from light and cheerful windows. Indeed, seen from the outside, the openings are more charming when they are decorated with flowers or plants. Opt for pots and planters in the style of your choice (classic polyethylene, rusty metal, vintage effect, terracotta or zinc). By planting plants there, the window is sublimated, especially if it is placed high. Attention: first of all, make sure to fix the pot or the planter on the railing! Photos to inspire or to dream… Discover "Decorative photos"