Kids tutorial: an ultra-easy pompoms Christmas wreath

Kids tutorial: an ultra-easy pompoms Christmas wreath

Young and old love pompoms! And for good reason, they are fun, they are sweet, and they are easy to make. As a bonus, only a few ends of balls of wool and cardboard are needed to make them. This is why the editorial staff déco.fr presents a very simple Christmas wreath made from a dozen pompoms. The ideal DIY to re-use your wool but especially to occupy the children during the Christmas holidays and the preparations which precede the big day. 1, 2, 3 we start!


- Several balls of wool of the colors of your choice - Cardboard discs to make the pompoms - An embroidery drum (ours is 25 cm) - Creative multi-support glue - Scissors

Budget: 10 euros Duration: 1 hour Age of children: from 8 years old for the whole tutorial (and from 3 years old to help you stick the pompoms). To know For the more lazy among you, know that you can also buy ready-made tassels in hobby shops. No, no we do not judge you and besides, it will remain between us!


1. The first step is to cut the discs that will help you make your pompoms. To vary the sizes of pompoms you can make different sizes but beware: the larger they are the more difficult they will be to handle! For your children, 4 cm diameter discs are perfect. On a thick cardboard, draw in pencil two circles of the same size then cut them out, hollowing out the center. Then cut the knitting yarn and pass it around the two discs so as to hold them between them.

2. When you have gone around your two cardboard discs, slide the blade of your scissors between them then start carefully cutting the wool, gently spreading the discs and firmly holding the center. Go around by cutting all the wool.

3. Your pompom takes shape. Slide a piece of wool between the two disks, now separated, then tie it firmly several times. You can then remove the cardboard and admire your pretty finished pompom! If a few woolen threads stick out, cut them to even out. A word of advice: ask the whole family to contribute to the pompoms workshop so as not to spend too much time on this stage!

4. When your pompoms are finished, place them on the drum to find the placement you like. For our part, we like that the drum is partly visible but you can of course cover it completely so that the structure is not visible.

5. When you have more or less located the desired position of your pompoms, start applying the glue directly on the wooden circle. Place the pompom by pressing it without pressing it too much. Wait a few minutes between each pose so that it is well fixed and place the next.


You have completed your diy christmas wreath, congratulations! All that remains is to find a beautiful location for it, hanging on a door, a window or simply placed on a piece of furniture during the holiday season.

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