Landy responds to your outdoor desires

Landy responds to your outdoor desires

Do you dream of making your green space a lush garden? The Landy family nursery has met all the expectations of outdoor development for three generations. Because it is not always easy to choose your outdoor trees and plants, the whole Landy team advises and personalizes each request by offering one of the largest varieties in the entire Rhône-Alpes region. This general nursery produces and sells hundreds of species of trees, shrubs and plants.

From linden to cedar, from apricot to roses to bamboo, all the trees offered here are grown in containers. But what characterizes the company is its dual competence: both as a nurseryman and as a landscaper.

"Customers who come to us often have two profiles: either they come to seek personalized advice and products in order to carry out their project themselves. Either they entrust their layout project to us entirely. If our nurserymen give the right recommendations on all types of species and plantations depending on exposure to the sun, etc., our landscapers then sublimate the layout. From plans or photos studied with the client, they are able to create a swimming pool, terrace (in stone, wood or composite), but also riprap, walkways etc. In the end Landy, it is close to 50 people at the service of the client ", specifies Anne Faisan, co-manager of the company.

Whatever your landscaping project, big or small, Maison Landy can sublimate it. More than a simple nurseryman, we come here to stroll through the immense alleys of the company which, by its layouts, has the appearance of an extraordinary garden.

Contact : Landy, 270, route de Richoré, 42740 Saint-Paul-en-Jarez Opening: Monday to Saturday (closed on public holidays) Phone: 04 77 73 74 20 Email: [email protected] Site: