Before / After: optimizing space in a small bathroom

Before / After: optimizing space in a small bathroom

Too many apartments today, especially in old buildings, have dated bathrooms, bordering on unsanitary conditions. Mold in the joints, broken tiles, chipped paint, dilapidated and scaled sanitary ware, unsuitable floors ... It is time to put the bathroom in order, no matter how small. With this before / after, discover how to convert a mini bathroom into a cozy and trendy cocoon. In this only 2.21 m² powder room, located in a building from the 1930s, the layout has been redesigned to optimize space, from the repair of the floor to the built-in taps through storage spaces on measured. On the way for a guided tour!

Space-saving tips for a mini bathroom

Before: A mini bathroom without comfort

After moving into her new apartment, the owner of this two-room apartment in Paris immediately wanted renovate your bathroom. With an area of ​​less than 3 m², it was degraded and worn out over time. The parquet floor damaged by humidity, the completely blackened joints, the visible pipes, the plumbing of the period and the sink in full passage naturally led her to want refurbish this unsanitary space.

After: A suitable door to save space

Even all small bathrooms like this have qualities to take into account. Discovering the bathroom, you immediately perceive the main asset of the space: a large window without vis-à-vis, a real source of brightness. Associated with trendy elements, such as decoration or materials, this light source makes it possible to envisage the transformation of the bathroom. Because due to its small size, it does not allow real fantasies about its layout. To separate the room from the corridor, a louver door was installed and a dry towel ultra-design has been fixed to the wall in order to bring a contemporary touch to the room, while retaining the chic Parisian spirit that characterized it in the past.

How to arrange a shower in a small bathroom?

Before: an unsanitary shower area

The shower was also in a deplorable state. Raised by 15 cm, the shower tray was difficult to access. He was more dirty by traces of wear and tartar. For its part, the white tiles gave obvious signs of aging. In all corners, the joints, blackened by time and lack of maintenance, did not really invite to go in the shower. In addition, the bottom of the transparent white shower curtain was discolored by use and gave the impression of dirt to scare away! Suffice to say that nobody wanted to linger there for a moment of well-being! In an environment like this, you can't imagine yourself completely relaxing, like under a Italian shower or in a bath comfort !

After: a practical and relaxing shower area

And yet! The facelift is successful! An Italian shower with soft and soothing colors replaces the old existing model. With a built-in tap and a shower door with anti-fingerprint treatment, it now offers all the serenity that we are entitled to expect in this space dedicated to cleanliness. Flexible hand shower, fixed shower head… all elements that give this small bathroom a new cachet.

Hanging toilets to optimize space in the bathroom

Before: Narrow and impractical toilets

If the bathtub was not originally very desirable, what about the bathroom ? Having the toilet in your bathroom is not always a pleasure. But when you can't separate them, as long as they're in a immaculate condition. However, in this case, they were to flee! Very dirty and dilapidated, the toilets also needed a clean up. The shelves, on the other hand, were not optimized and therefore did not allow adequate storage of bath linen and other essential accessories. daily toilet.

After: a small optimized sanitary area

The WC space has been redesigned and reduced to give the adjoining shower a comfortable size. The choice of toilets fell on a hanging model, ideal both for its size and its sleek design. Likewise, the ductwork has been redone to create a smaller formwork than the existing model. The hot water tank cylindrical has been replaced by a rectangular balloon, inserted above the WC. In this way, a few precious centimeters could be saved and allowed to create an essential storage space in such a small bathroom!

Trendy arrangement for the installation of a washbasin

Before: A small old-fashioned sink

On arrival in the apartment, the bathroom sink had been installed completely illogically. He was at the entrance to the bathroom, against the wall, in full passage, and near the toilets. He then returned back and forth complicated for the occupants. In addition, placed in the middle, very small and shallow, it made gestures a priori simple, complicated. Brushing your teeth or washing your hands spattered the floor. With shoes or slippers, the latter quickly became dirty and footprints gave the room an even less stewing appearance. The sink also did not have a mirror attached to it. Not at all practical for making up, shaving or styling!

After: A basin placed at an angle to save space

To optimize space and make it more functional the trick found was to use a section of the wall. Instead of carelessly affixing a sink, the idea was to integrate a vanity top. Now it's easy to leave a glass for brushing your teeth, soap in a pump bottle for washing your hands, and other everyday accessories. Still in this perspective of space saving, a shelf was installed to allow the mirror to hang above the basin, and create a space for custom storage. And to give a trendy and contemporary style to the room, an elegant, sleek black mixer tap was chosen, matching the anthracite gray tile mosaic. Our little advice for mini bathrooms: * Do not neglect any corner to optimize all the space: a section of wall, a clearance, the swinging of a door: they can all help to tidy up the business of toilets. * Use tall storage: cupboards or shelves allow you to fold laundry or store household products. * Bring an impression of space: choosing a high toilet, replacing a bathtub with a shower with a sliding door or a walk-in shower help to visually enlarge the space. * Playing with colors: painting its walls in white to give an impression of depth or playing on the contrasts of nuances brings the sensation of gaining a few square meters. * Count on the brightness: if the bathroom has a window, it is better to bring in natural light. If it is a black room, you should opt for a general warm lighting and a bright light around the mirror, above the sink. Like what, it only takes a few good ideas, a little imagination and decor to restore all its radiance to a mini bathroom that really did not want to put a toe in it!