Which light fixture should I choose for lighting my kitchen?

Which light fixture should I choose for lighting my kitchen?

A ceiling light, the main light source in the kitchen

Spot ceiling lights can be aggressive, be careful with the choice of bulbs!  

Whether your kitchen is small or spacious, if you want above all a lighting above your dining area, opt for main lighting with a ceiling light. Square, round, long or geometric, this type of light in the kitchen should allow you to have a light diffused harmoniously in the room. The center of the room, where the ceiling light is usually installed, will be particularly well lit, and the nooks will be darker. This type of lighting, excellent for having beautiful light in the room, must therefore be combined with other light sources in the "kitchen" space, especially at the worktop. Note: the ceiling light is the perfect decorative accessory to reaffirm the style and personality of your kitchen. Between the shapes, the colors or the type of bulbs, there is only the embarrassment of the choice! But be sure to favor a ceiling light that diffuses the light harmoniously to avoid lighting that is too focused and therefore too aggressive.

Spots above the worktop

The integrated spots are ideal above the worktop, the sink and the cooking space.  

Are you looking for efficient lighting, especially when cooking? Whether it is below your tall cupboards, built into the ceiling or above a bar, the best choice is the spotlights. These kitchen lights are suitable for specific surfaces such as a work surface or a kitchen island. The trick is to create specific areas in the kitchen based on how you use the space. We think for example of the work plan, the sink, the cooking space or even the meal part. The light that the spots diffuse is neither too bright nor too subdued, so you will get a perfect balance to prepare small dishes with the right lighting in the kitchen . You can also install switches and dimmers to control the areas to be lit.

Hanging lights above the kitchen table

Very design, the suspensions above the table immediately whet your appetite!  

Inspired by workshops and factories, the pendant lights in the kitchen remain a warm accessory, ideal above a dining area. Whether you spend long hours simmering great family recipes in your open kitchen or have dinner in three minutes after work, you're going to be served. Whatever use you make of this room, these lights will allow you to boost your decor with originality. Tart lamps, design, XXL, mismatched, stripped bulbs ... There is something to amuse you with the choice of kitchen suspensions, all without minimizing the lighting of the room. To give style to your kitchen and a designer touch, opt for large metal pendant lights or the mixture of colored lamps and stripped bulbs. Something to light up the kitchen in the blink of an eye!

Play with light in the kitchen with wall lights

Wall lights in the kitchen allow you to highlight certain spaces.  

To move to a more intimate atmosphere, you can opt for wall lights in the kitchen. A quiet evening, a meal with friends, a romantic dinner? Turn off all the kitchen lights and keep only the wall lights. But other wall lights will also allow a soft light diffused throughout the room. This light source will be less "aggressive" than a suspension or spotlights, but also less practical when it comes to seeing what is in the pan or on the plate. Finally, there are also wall lights that act as spots. They are ideal for highlighting a specific place in the kitchen: a cupboard, the worktop… The trick: wall lights are therefore perfect for changing the mood, but the best is to leave the choice by having different light sources in the kitchen, to be adjusted according to desires and needs!

A decorative chandelier for a bright kitchen

Above the kitchen table, the chandelier sets the tone for the decor.  

Difficult to choose from all the options kitchen lights ? If your primary objective is to highlight the decoration of your room (keeping good lighting it goes without saying), we have what you need. In a word: the chandelier. The chandelier has long been favored in more traditional kitchens then ended up being slightly shunned for a more modern design. And yet ... He makes a startling entrance into the kitchen. It is the favorite accessory for an original decoration. Placed above the dining area in particular, it will attract the eye in the kitchen day and night, while lighting the room with a friendly light. The trick: if you opt for a chandelier with several bulbs such as designer chandeliers or vintage chandeliers in the boudoir style, install a dimmer to create a more intimate atmosphere. You now have all the tips for a bright kitchen. Enjoy your meal !