A modern chalet style decor

A modern chalet style decor

Whether you live in a house or an apartment, the chalet style decor is particularly suitable for the winter season! We want cocooning and raw materials, soft lighting and natural materials, to have the impression of being in the mountains without moving from our sofa.

Before being a decoration style, chalet style, it is above all a question of atmosphere. No need to live in the mountains to be able to enjoy it: you just have to make the right choices in the layout of your interior.

Don't panic, the editorial staff gives you their best advice for adopting the chalet style at home, without having to redo your entire interior!

Cocooning materials

To install the mountain chalet style in your living room, it's very easy! Just cover your sofa with one or more faux fur blankets. It's very trendy! Choose very thick plaids, in which you will enjoy curling up when the evening comes. You can complete the set with faux fur cushions

On the ground, install a long pile sheep-style rug (always in faux fur) to warm your feet when you get up from your sofa.

Another cocooning material that is reminiscent of the mountain: wool! Again, we find it on knitted throws jacquard style or even on knitted cushion covers. Use classic colors like red or beige to create a Scandinavian chalet atmosphere

Traditional patterns

Impossible to miss traditional patterns of the chalet decor when you want to reproduce this atmosphere at home! This is the case of the tartan, red tiles and the houndstooth pattern.

Both very retro and British, it is important to use them well so as not to be too kitsch. To avoid overloading the room, they are preferred on small rooms such as curtains, an ottoman or bed linen. The rest of the decoration must then be more sober, in solid colors.

Natural materials

In the chalets, we mainly find wood and stone. The materials are raw and bring a rustic side to the room.

For wood, you can choose it according to your tastes. Light or dark, ribbed or not, it will always be suitable for chalet-style decoration. So choose raw wood furniture in your living room as in your bedroom. The kitchen is no exception, even if we prefer a light wood, which makes the room brighter.

For stone, you can cover a wall in your living room with a stone wall trompe l'oeil wallpaper. On the decor side, slate trays or dishes bring a little mountain atmosphere to the dinner table.

The bi-material furniture and objects are perfectly suited to a chalet-style decoration. A glass table with wooden legs or a sofa combining wood and fabric are perfectly suited to this atmosphere.

Soft lighting

If you can't take advantage of the glow of a chimney fire, easily recreate this light so typical of mountain chalets in your interior!

Forget the suspensions and the too strong lights. Prefer several points of light, which come to create together soft light. Light candles that you will install on window sills or on a centerpiece. Light garlands can also create a very soft light in a living room or bedroom.

Install some table lamps, in which you use light bulbs with a yellow light. It is less aggressive than white light and offers a pleasant brightness.