I want white flowers on my balcony!

I want white flowers on my balcony!

Synonymous with purity and freshness, white is traditionally used in decoration to bring in light and give a feeling of space. In planters, the white flowers also give the impression that the balcony is both larger and brighter. And the icing on the cake, white flowers are also often the most fragrant. Long live white!

What plants to grow to have white flowers on my balcony in spring?

Did you know that some wisteria were white, just like agapanthus and cyclamen? Check the color of your varieties before buying them, and choose them according to the exposure of the balcony: some plants do not fear the direct heat of the sun while others prefer shade… * White wisteria * Anemone white * Florentine cistus, Corbières cistus * White crocus * Daphne alpina * Strawberry * Raspberry * Gerbera * Holland hyacinth * White lilac * Daisy * Forget-me-nots * Poet narcissus * Tulip

White crocuses light up the first days of spring

White flowers in summer on my balcony

In summer, a balcony of white flowers has a soothing and refreshing effect. Very elegant, it will bring you a feeling of serenity in the evening heat, when in the planters, the white flowers will exhale their subtle scent. * Arum * Night Beauty * Bougainvillea * Caraway * Clematis * Gaura * Gerbera * Bipinnate Cosmos * Siam Tulip (Curcuma alismatifolia) * Drosera * Fuchsia * Hibiscus * Hortensia * Iris * Jasmine * Oleander with white flowers * Lupine * Lys * Marguerite * Poppy * White periwinkle * Chinese peony * White agapanthus

Known for its fuchsia pink color, bougainvillea also comes in white

White flowers on my balcony in autumn

The autumn months sometimes remain quite mild but when the days get shorter, a balcony of white flowers prolongs the joys of summer with more sweetness and great refinement. * White asters * Cyclamen * Chrysanthemums * Amaryllis * White heather * Australian hoyas

White cyclamen: extreme refinement

The white flowers of winter

Undoubtedly winter is the season when white is more difficult to integrate on a bare balcony whose summer foliage has disappeared. You have to be imaginative by choosing pretty pots of earth or zinc, and surround your plants with greenery, like a drooping ivy, or perennials like thyme or rosemary. So in the gray of some foggy days, the white corollas will bring a note of elegant simplicity to your balcony. * Snowdrops * Hellebore * Hepatic * Winter jasmine * Winter heather * Pansies * Violas * Primrose * Winter honeysuckle

Helleborus niger, the snow-white Christmas rose…