Garden furniture: space for idleness!

Garden furniture: space for idleness!

When summer is back, the garden comes alive and you want to bask in it. In this article we put the holy trinity of outdoor furniture in the spotlight. A deckchair by the pool, a hammock in the shade of the plane trees, a Chilean at the bottom of the garden: what better way to pay homage to idleness? Some cicadas for the atmosphere perhaps?

1 / A hammock, it rocks a lot in the garden

Outdoor nap lovers can't resist the swing of a hammock. Whether hanging between two trees or on a wooden or steel support, the hammock guarantees an unrivaled moment of relaxation. And if your garden accessory has a colorful look, it will not fail to color your exterior and take you on a trip somewhere between Puerto Rico and Mexico ... All without moving from the garden.

With its small fringes, this hammock invites you to laziness!

2 / Sunbathing, star of outdoor furniture

Sunbathing, deckchair or deckchair: so many terms to designate these garden furniture where you would lie well there, now, immediately to perfect your tan or devour a good novel. Whether it is made of exotic wood, braided, monochrome or colored, the sun lounger meets all the needs in terms of idleness and relaxation.

A nice gray deckchair for colorful daydreams!

3 / A Chilean chair: I'm there, I'm staying there!

In terms of garden furniture, it is difficult to find more suitable than a Chilean to revel in the luxury of doing nothing. Foldable, light and stylish, the Chilean chair has a nomadic look that invites itself as well in the garden, on the terrace as on the balcony. We only have one desire: to curl up in its welcoming canvas and not move. Your eyelids are heavy…

A nomadic Chilean girl to enjoy the sun in the garden and on the terrace!